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How to: Connect OpenAI (Gpt-3) to Google Sheets to Generate AI Content

AI generated content has been getting a lot of attention lately. New tools are popping up every single day, many of them offering similar output from the same OpenAI algorithm. I’ve tried many of these AI content generators and always end up a bit disappointed.

But was it the tool or the inputs being given?

To find out, I decided to see if I could prompt better copy from the algorithm by using my own approach. If you’ve ever had a similar thought, or are just interested in AI generated content, this video will help you explore the possibilities.

I’ll show you how to connect open AI to Google Sheets using a library created by Abi Raja. It brings the power of text generating AI into a function that can be called from within any Google Sheet.

What you’ll need for this tutorial

  • Credit card 💳
  • OpenAI Account
  • Google Account
  • Willingness to copy/paste code 🤓

Steps outlined in this “How to” video

Generating copy with an AI tool does take a little playing around. Integrating GPTChat into a spreadsheet gives you a quick way to see what is possible without paying monthly fees.

Overall, I think the collaborative role of AI in marketing is going to continue to grow. Get ahead of the curve by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of AI generated content by experimenting for yourself.

If you’d like to trade ideas or have a question, feel free to hit me up on Twitter.

To get started, grab the App Script code below…

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