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How to: Use GMass to Send Bulk Email via Your Google or Gmail Account for Free[ish]

Sending bulk email for can be an overwhelming task. 

There is no shortage of tools on the market to help you get your messages out, but many of them require you to learn how to email with their platform and you are often limited until you’ve built up a good reputation for sending email via their platform.

In this video, I go over how you can use a tool called gMass to send bulk email from within your Google account. 

No additional tools are required! 

All you need is your contact list formatted in a Google sheet and a gMail account. 

The gMass tool works both with free and paid Google Workspace accounts, though I would recommend that you use a paid Google Workspace account if you would like your mail to come via a branded domain.

Is gMass Free?

Yes, and no.
The free account of gMass allows you access to the mail merge features, but your sending limit is capped at 50 messages per day. In my experience, this is enough for you to test the tool and understand the basic gMass features, but not very useful for a list of an real size. 

How big of list can I use the gMass tool for?

One limitation of using gMail as your sender is that accounts are limited to 500 to 2000 messages per day, depending on the reputation of the account that is sending the email message. 

gMass does provide a free email warmup service that can help improve the reputation o your account prior to sending. For users with a large list, it is recommended that you segment your emails to send across multiple days, or have more than one account ready to send from.

Take a look at the video and feel free to hit me up on Twitter if you have any questions.

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