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How to: Use Tiktok's AI Generator to Write Winning Ad Scripts

New AI tools are launching every day to help make your digital marketing easier. This video explores the features built into TikTok’s Business tools to help you quickly generate new scripts for your TikTok Advertising.

I’ll show you:

  • How to find winning TikTok Creatives
  • How to analyze why the ad works
  • How to generate your own script with Creative Assistant

If you have any questions about how to use this tool in your creative team or ad creation process, hit me up on Twitter.

Transcript of this video on TikTok’s Ai Creative Assistant:

[00:00:00] Tick tock ads can be a great way to drive interest and business for your e-com, SaSS business or lead generation campaign.

[00:00:06] Keeping up with the creative demands of a TikTok campaign can be a little daunting if you are a small team

[00:00:12] There are multiple tools on the market to help you generate ad creatives for TikTok but now TikTok has gone ahead and rolled AI directly into their insights tool.

[00:00:21] You can find this inside of any TikTok ads account By just going up to the analytics, and then choosing creative inspirations.

[00:00:28] If you don’t see part of the interface loading on page reload, and you do run an ad blocker, it’s probably the ad blocker.

[00:00:34] Now on the Insights page, you can filter by country, industry, objective, and it shows you some of the top ads across the top here.

[00:00:40] You can also explore the current trending hashtags and filter them by time period and industry.

[00:00:46] I’m going to go ahead and explore the top ads view by clicking explore more up in the top right here.

[00:00:51] Now, up in the top right, you’ll see the creative assistant here, which you can open up and you’ll see it can provide you insights, ideas and help you script things. personally, I like to work from a video I’ve chosen that already has some attributes that I think might work for me or my clients.

[00:01:05] So for now I’m going to close this and use the filters to find some videos I can use as inspiration.

[00:01:09] In this case I’m looking to write a UGC script for a jewelry brand so I’ll open up the industry drop down and search for the category related to my client.

[00:01:17] Now, since we’re looking to make sales, I’m also gonna open the objective tab and start off by only looking at the videos TikTok says have good conversion.

[00:01:24] By default, it’s in "For You" mode. So it’s based on observations made in this account. Which, which is fairly new. So those observations may not be very good yet.

[00:01:32] So I’m going to open up others and choose conversion rate. Now I’m just going to scroll down and look for a video that kind of matches the brand. You’ll see here, they also provide some creative insights of what the people who watch these are into. And you can watch the videos by mousing over them.

[00:01:46] After after scanning through the videos, I found one that matches the tone of the brand that I’m working with.

[00:01:51] And it’s this one right here. You’ll notice. It’s also saying it’s in the top 8 percent click through rate and their budget is high. So it gives me a sense of how that ad is working for that advertiser. Now for the scripting,

[00:02:05] I’m going to click into see analytics. And it’s going to open up this page and the creative assistant on the top right. Now if you scroll down, they have a video analysis that has the exact script of this video, as well as some insights as to why it might’ve worked.

[00:02:17] You can also look at the time analysis chart and see where most people click through Like here at 8 seconds, and then we can watch the video again to see what the messaging was at that point and maybe that trigger can inspire us.

[00:02:29] Now, as I said, we’re looking to write a script for a user generated type ad. So I’m just going to click the creative assistant button right here that says write a script, write a similar script.

[00:02:37] And on the right hand side here, it’s going to generate a similar version of this script that I can use. This little side window is a little difficult to work with. So you can click the square to expand it, and it gives you a better view of what’s being said.

[00:02:48] Now, if you read this now if you read this copy, it is a little clunky. So, I’m going to ask it to improve it. I like that script, but it’s a little too sales y. Can you rewrite it naturally at a grade five level?

[00:03:03] Then it will work again.

[00:03:04] And give me something a little bit more readable.

[00:03:06] If you watch my other AI videos, you’ll know that I don’t believe you can use AI content straight out of the box most of the time. And that’s because it’s too excited, but it does give you a great starting point for a script.

[00:03:17] If you want to edit this further you can just click the copy button and move it to a document to edit it further

[00:03:23] now looking at this tool, they’re trying to make it so you can do all of the work in TikTok, but I don’t think it’s quite there yet, However, the ability to pull inspiration from winning ads, As well As well as not having to pay for other tools, This can be a really great option to get you started, Generating significantly more creatives using AI. Have you used this tool? I’d love to hear about it. So let me know what you think.


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