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Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) for Hire

When your business is growing, you will eventually hit a point where it makes sense to bring in expert help. A Chief Marketing Officer can help to align the strategy of your business so that the content required by both internal and external departments clearly aligns with the business goals of your organization. 

Unfortunately, the cost of having a CMO is often more than what startup budgets allow. To help small and medium size businesses succeed online, I’ve started offering my marketing experience on a part-time basis as a fractional CMO

If you’re interested in leveraging my 20 years of marketing experience within your company, please reach out, tell me a bit about your company and we’ll set up a time to chat.

My approach to the fractional CMO role

After 20 years of working online in analytics and marketing, I only take on problems that I think will be interesting to help solve. When I agree to join your organization as a fractional CMO, you are getting the full attention and access to my experience. With it comes my drive to win and my desire to build repeatable processes that will live on with or without my involvement.

I strongly believe that a properly organized team with a game plan will outperform a group of experts who lack a broader strategy. My goal is to help you use the resources you have to their full capacity and make a plan to grow your business without adding too much overhead cost.

I have experience leading small teams of contractors, as well as larger 25+ person teams that work fully as an in-house agency. After the initial consultation to understand your goals, we will work together to build out the team and systems you need to succeed.

What is a fractional CMO?

A fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) works with companies who want the expertise and experience of an experienced senior executive, but aren’t able to commit to the costs associated with hiring a full-time professional. A fractional CMO works with the client on a part-time or project basis, offering a tailored set of marketing services that meet the specific needs of the business. The work can entail knowledge transfer to help with start-up strategy or on-going support for hands-on activities like paid media campaigns, event planning, or website optimization.

Who is a fractional CMO for?

Fractional Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) tend to be employed by small or medium-sized businesses and startups looking to scale. It is also attractive to larger businesses when they have specific marketing goals that require specialized knowledge such as digital marketing or account based sales. 

When to bring me on as your Fractional CMO

I excel at the early stages of startups, often called zero to one. I enjoy taking the early stage information of a SaaS or ecommerce product and helping turn it into an actionable marketing plan. 

My experience is also well tailored to companies who are past the initial launch stage and looking to scale. Once you have some capital flowing and product market fit is close or locked in, I can help you scale towards your first millions.

This is what I like to do. 

This is what I’m good at. 

I love simple processes that serve a function. 

I believe data is the best way to make a decision 87% of the time, and I truly enjoy doing this work. It is a mix of technical items, creativity and team collaboration. When I sit alone and look for ways to pass my time, these are the three things that make challenges interesting to me.

What business niches do you serve?

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working in the fields of healthcare, immigration, fashion, gaming and music. I’ve worked both with and for ad agencies and developed systems that allow me to quickly understand new markets. 

Want to collaborate?

Fill in a few details below and I’ll follow up to find a time to chat.