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k1tch - Big Iron Release Cover - Produced by Rock Trembath

k1tch - Big Iron

This 5 song EP was a collaborative project between Jimi Maze and myself. We’ve been friends for 20 years, and we’ve both always been committed to maintaing a good creative output, no matter how adult life tried to get in the way. In late 2022 I started sharing some of the beats I’d been working on with Jimi and he liked the vibe. We developed the sound from there. 

I produced, mixed and mastered these 5 tracks in Ableton Live. The production took a more country flavor when I picked up a cheap Ibanez acoustic guitar from a pawn shop.

Back in 2009, I’d helped Jimi release a hip-hop bluegrass EP called the Homeless Cracker Maze and I thought it would be a nice callback to his previous work to include some more organic textures in the beats. The guitar also gave me a chance to incorporate some of the sounds I’d heard growing up on the Canadian prairies into the these 808 heavy beats. 

You can listen to this release below, or on the streaming service of your choice.

I love doing marketing work, but music provides limitless opportunity to be creative without KPI’s needing to be applied. If you work in a creative field, I encourage you to pursue this type of creative project for your own satisfaction. You’ll feel the benefits across multiple aspects of your life.

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